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About Wolf

Dr. Wolf-Georg Zaddach is a guitarist and musicologist/ scholar for popular music and jazz.

He studied jazz guitar with David Doruzka and Petr Zelenka in Prague among others and is alumnus of the Hochschule für Musik Franz Liszt Weimar/ University of Music Weimar, Germany.

His interests connect diverse musical expressions like jazz, metal, classical and contemporary experimental music.

Wolf teaches at the University of Music Weimar, the BIMM Berlin (British and Irish Modern Music Institute), and the Popakademie Baden-Württemberg. Since 2012 he had several teaching assignments, e.g. at Leuphana University Lüneburg (2018/19), New York University NYU/USA (2016), DeutschePOP Dresden (2017/18), Bauhaus University Weimar (2012/13), Initiative Musik Berlin (2015, 2019), Stiftung Ettersberg Weimar (2012-2018), Demokratie jetzt e.V. (2015, 2017).

He also frequently writes and publishes about jazz and popular music (history, analysis), and music industry, for more information see here.

Appearances as musician in: Germany, USA, France, Czech Republic, Poland
(references among others: Beethovenfest Bonn, Jazzmeile Thüringen, Deutsches Nationaltheater Weimar, Jazzboulevard Berlin Festival, Bauhaus-Universität Weimar, Staatskanzlei Thüringen, Wirtschaftsministerium Thüringen etc.).

Customized Sounds & Film Music

All music played, recorded and produced by Wolf-Georg Zaddach (except the work of Dualizm). All rights reserved.
If you are interested in using the music/sounds or want your own customized  music, please contact zaddachmusic -at- gmail.com

Customized Sounds & film Music

„jazzy summer“


Music for the commercial „Hotel Balsamine“, video and production by Eric Hölperl, Weimar


Custom-produced music for the fashion label „Stay Cold Apparel“, Berlin

Soundscapes & experimental music

All music played, recorded and produced by Wolf-Georg Zaddach. All rights reserved. If you are interested in using the music/sounds please contact zaddachmusic -at- gmail.com

Soundscapes |  experimental music

„Transdescendence II“, for vlk (2021):

„III“, for Reptiloid (2018)

„Magnum Chaos“, for Nekyia Orchestra (2015):

„Live Sample“, for Reptiloid (2018):


„Good Ol‘ Times“:


teaching | lessons

Du möchtest Deine Gitarre in die Hand nehmen und wie Deine Vorbiler klingen oder Dich selbst kreativ und solide am Instrument ausdrücken können?

Du benötigst Basics oder Hochschul-Wissen im Gitarrenspiel, Musiktheorie, Komposition, Arrangement, Improvisation?

Ihr möchtet Euch als Band verbessern und weiterbilden?

Dann lass uns loslegen!


Ich biete:

  • Unterricht an der E-Gitarre und dem E-Bass, vom Anfänger/Wiedereinsteiger bis hin zum Fortgeschrittenen und profesionell Arbeitenden, in den Stilen Jazz, Metal, Rock, Pop
  • Musiktheorie (jazz/pop und klassisch) von Grundlagen bis hin zu komplexen Theorien wie Superimposition
  • Komposition/Songwriting and Arrangement
  • Improvisation
  • Band/Ensemble-Coaching
  • Musikgeschichte und Musikpraktiken (Doktortitel in Musikwissenschaft)
  • Arbeiten im Studio und home recording studio
  • Klavierunterricht für Anfänger

Unterricht in Berlin (F-Hain oder Lichtenberg) oder via Skype.
Feel free to contact me: zaddachmusic [at] gmail.com

[English version]

You’d like play the guitar, you want to learn the basics or rather advanced techniques of different styles?

You are playing already several years and are more interested into deeper practical and theoretical approaches of making music with the guitar as well as with a band?

You are already practicing with your band and want to approach a certain level and need some help with it?

You’re interested in specific styles like jazz, funk & groove or all kinds of rock music and metal?

Well, hit me up.


I can offer the following:

  • e-guitar and e-bass lessons, from beginner to advanced, including styles like jazz, rock, metal, country, pop
  • piano lessons for beginner
  • music theory and harmony lessons (classical and jazz/pop), from first steps to complex theories, like e.g. superimposed improvisation
  • songwriting and arrangement
  • improvisation
  • Music history and practices (PhD in Musicology)
  • home and studio recording skills
  • band coaching

I can teach in Berlin (Germany) or via skype.

Feel free to contact me: zaddachmusic [at] gmail.com




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